Star Scientific Limited

Star Scientific Limited (Star) is an advanced scientific research and development company with a focus on successfully supplying and delivering unlimited, affordable, carbon-free energy to the world for generations to come.

The Australian majority-owned and operated company has a unique shareholder base which is spread across the globe. From scientists to green philanthropists, the company’s shareholders and staff drive its philosophy of using science to unlock nature’s greatest secrets.

Star has invested significant resources into setting up its purpose-built laboratory and testing facility in Newcastle, using only the best equipment and constructing virtually everything on site to protect the authenticity and validity of its energy generation processes and measurement.

Star’s long-term technology goal is achieving controlled Muon Catalysed Fusion (MCF). MCF is a scientifically accepted process that was first discovered at Berkeley University in 1951 and differs substantially from cold fusion, hot or plasma fusion and laser fusion.  Historically, the sustainable economic production of the catalyst has been the missing key to making MCF economically viable. Star is focused on the economic production of the muon catalyst. It believes in fusion using the “natural squeeze” the mass of the muon applies to the atoms in the process that was discovered at Berkley. The company is now working towards proving stable and controlled energy gain at a commercial level.

Star has also developed a second unique approach to heat production named HERO® which stands for Hydrogen Energy Release Optimiser.

This breakthrough in hydrogen energy release makes available and utilises the energy of hydrogen and oxygen recombination without burning the gases. It localises the energy output of the HERO® reaction to the heat exchanger. Unlike coal or gas power stations, HERO®’s zero-emissions technology does not require 30% of the plant’s power output to be devoted to pollution control.

The potential uses of HERO® range from zero-harmful emissions power production, to water desalination, to district heating and beyond. The only emissions from HERO® are pure water and heat. This will allow power stations to produce electricity without any harmful emissions by retrofitting them with HERO®. Only the boilers will need to be changed, thus saving the other valuable plant infrastructure and investment.

Imagine the coal power station near you gaining a new lease of life by becoming a totally green, zero-emissions plant but with all the energy capture and power distribution equipment intact.

HERO® is non-nuclear and does not require special licencing; the hydrogen can come from many sources, especially ‘green’ hydrogen from wind and solar farms.  Producing ‘green’ hydrogen from wind and solar energy will finally give wind and solar farms a solid lasting commercial plan to move forward without taxpayers’ or other government subsidies.

HERO® can be so compact that new housing developments could have a zero-emissions HERO® plant built under them to power their community year-round and in all-weather conditions. There would be no line losses or long-distance transmission costs, and connected communities could form smart grids for greater savings from increased efficiencies.

Both MCF and HERO® have the potential to provide solutions to the world’s water and food security challenges by enabling large-scale water desalination to become both economically and environmentally viable. Additionally, they will enable desalinated water to be pumped economically to wherever it is needed for whatever purpose.

Star’s breakthrough technologies coupled with its commercialisation strategy will provide viable and economic solutions to the world’s climate change and energy security challenges. More importantly, they will give the world an opportunity to shift as quickly as possible from mitigation of carbon emissions to elimination.

HERO®…a global energy renaissance

The Star Scientific Foundation

The Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Star Scientific Limited dedicated to improving lives by funding and promoting scientific education, innovation, and advanced medical research.

The Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Star Scientific Limited dedicated to improving lives by funding and promoting scientific education, innovation, and advanced medical research.

By encouraging the students, scientists, and medical researchers of today, we will help create the leading minds of tomorrow – and that they will achieve breakthroughs in science, medicine, and engineering that we can barely imagine.

Star Scientific Limited is uniquely focused on achieving significant breakthroughs in clean green safe and affordable energy for global rollout.

The Foundation’s aim is to extend this focus on innovation and invention to identify, encourage and nurture creative and cross disciplinary thinking and teaching, to help solve complex scientific issues across ground-breaking activities in fields including, but not limited to, education science, medicine, engineering, research, and technology to improve lives in Australia and worldwide.

Whether it’s supporting activities to develop a more sustainable planet, or providing funding for medical research to prevent and cure devastating disease and disability, or developing education programs and opportunities for disadvantaged children, the Foundation is about dreaming the impossible dream – and making it happen.

To create a future where many of today’s diseases, disorders and disabilities are a thing of the past and to confine the word ‘incurable’ to history.